May 26, 2008

again around the corner

8 lessons on emptiness with a happy end

the new show of marina abramovic @ galerie beaumontpublic in luxembourg. not to be missed!

teresa of madredeus

flasback..+/- 15 years ago: i was so in love with the singer of madredeus..and then one day in lisbon..she stands there on a public place.............

not around the corner

the "overdose" tryptique

May 25, 2008


marc started a new career as book-editor. his first editions are easy to be recognized by his artistic touch. curious to know more about his futur projects

just around the corner 7

andreas vollenweider

after an "eternity": news and a performance by the master of the electronic harp last saturday

May 12, 2008

den ale cité marivaux

looks so unreal. behind this lonely façade i saw my first james bond, some disneys, jaws(if i remember right)...memories...

May 10, 2008

just around the corner 0

during the next time: every new week a series of 3 paintings around my famous corner wall

May 07, 2008

hard worker

so close, but already so far: the former steel-factory in völklingen, now out of order and classified unesco world heritage. but i remember the former generation and some childhood neighbours coming home after a hard day's work in these cathedrals of dust and rust.

orange and grey

3 new paintings