January 26, 2008

savoir où l'on va

a very simple work, which was part of a bigger installation i created last year...but in the meantime i like it a lot separated from the original work....could be translated like "knowing where to go"


i started some reflexions about my forthcoming china artist-in -residency project.i created some first works - basic ideas.nothing finished-just some trials based on material and esthetical questions.a lot of ideas, such as: relations between traditionnal chinese art and global(western?)art market, skin, faces, symbols.... which need to get a concrete form as soon i received an impression of chinese reality and investigated my beijing atelier. much more of it...very soon!!

January 13, 2008

exhibition review: "from her to eternity"

some people "complained" i'd not show enough of my own artwork here....ok as you want...let's change this. here's a review of a show i did some years ago in the st john's home and its chapel on the subject of "eternity". as always i tried to investigate the space with some "decent" interventions and used some thoughts/text, shown above and this one by salvatore quasimodo.

ken-ichi murata

as we were just into japanese...this is the cover of the latest publication of ken-ichi murata, a photographer whos work wasn't shown a lot outside of japan until now. together with his muse/model yumiko yamasaki, who also masterfully handcolors the black-and-white prints, they find inspiration in ancient japanese fairytales to create their erotic visions.
creations based on tales like "kojiki" where a goddess raises vegetables and crops using her urine and feces, or "mushi mezuru himegimi" taken from a collection of short stories from the 11th century talking about a princess who loved insects, especially caterpillars, before they turned into butterflies.
photography between life and death, always with a (sometimes extreme) erotic connotation!

January 02, 2008

they met in a dream some time long ago in the future (yuko kominami)

for those who didnt see it yet...there are some more performances this month in "kasemattentheater", next to my showroom in luxembourg-bonnevoie!

a wonderful mixture of text, movement, music, poetry...hold together by an incredible performance of yuko!

not to be missed!!